Bed bugs are the new roaches. By saying this, what I mean is that more and more people are becoming familiar with them through people they know. These days, a lot of people know of someone, or someone who knows someone dealing with a bed bug issue.

Bed bugs are fantastic hitchhikers and travel quite effectively on people, or items carried by people throughout the community.

Bed bugs are blood feeders and feed mainly in the hours we are sleeping, however they will adapt to whatever situation they need to in order to feed.

Bed bugs are visible and do not just reside in the bed. They can be on any of your furniture, clothing, shoes, boxes, newspapers, toys, backpacks, golf bags, purses, closets, bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere that we tend to be a large amount of time.

They are fairly lazy and will bed down close to their meal, however may travel distances in search of food. It has been said they can move at 4 miles per hour.

Bed bugs mate and lay eggs daily.

If there are no sources of food, bed bugs may go dormant for well over 1 year.

Bed bugs find you through our carbon dioxide while we sleep.

Bed bugs may feed on any warm blooded animal.