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“Now that springtime is around and all the bugs are coming it there’s no better place to call than Bug Zappers. The staff is very friendly and provides the best services and customer care.”

Carly O.

“Fantastic service by honest, upstanding professionals. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Bug Zappers in the years I have used them.”

Ashley R

This is a contact you want to have! Bug Zappers is great and is always there to take care of any pest or weed control you might have!

Marissa D.

Let us protect your Home, Business and Lawn.

Bug Zappers has been serving the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Metros since 2007, with over 50 years professional experience.

Bug Zappers uses advanced technology through equipment, procedures, and chemicals, to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We value our customers and do not require a long-term contract to provide quality services to each one.